Marina Guidelines

41 Division Street
Brick, New Jersey 08724
Phone: 732-840-9090
Fax: 732-458-6258

Welcome to Green Cove Marina! We are very proud that you have chosen us as your new marina and we will work hard to ensure that your stay with us is always enjoyable. We have compiled this list of FAQs and guidelines to help get you acquainted with your new marina, and so that you know where to go and who to see!

CONTACT INFORMATION: We know how valuable your free time is, so if you ever have an issue or problem, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Phone: 732-840-9090
Fax: 732-458-6258

Winter landGeneral Marina & Slips: Karen
Parts & Service Scheduling: Terry
Service Manager Chuck
Marina Office Tuesday – Saturday 8:30 – 5:00
Boat Safe Insurance Agency Monday – Saturday 9:00 – 5:00
Service Department Tuesday – Saturday 7:30 – 4:00
Security Gate
(closed all day Sunday & Monday)
Tuesday – Saturday 8:00 – 5:15
Fuel Dock
(closed all day Monday)
Tuesday – Saturday
8:00 – 5:15
10:00 – 3:30
Pool Every Day Dawn to Dusk

AT YOUR SLIP: The slips are each designed to allow parking for one vehicle behind the boat, as well as a table & chairs, grill and/or shade structure. We ask that when setting up your area, you confine your belongings to the width of your boat only – if you drift into your neighbor’s space, he drifts into his neighbor and so on. Your slip includes use of the marina-supplied dock box and is also equipped with a water hookup for your hose. Electric service is optional at each slip and costs $165 for 20 amp service or $215 for 30 amp. Most boats 30’ and over will have metered electric and will hook up directly with the power company.

DOCKS & PILINGS: Please don’t fasten any fire hose or carpet to the wood decking, pilings or catwalks. They retain and trap moisture which rots the wood and causes obvious hazards. We recommend using fenders/bumpers to avoid rub marks on your hull. We do periodic checks of the docks & pilings and will remove any carpeting we find left on any wood surface.

UMBRELLAS & SHADE STRUCTURES: In the past few years, many of our guests have chosen to erect tents, awnings and other shade structures in front of their slips. While we want you to enjoy your time at Green Cove, we do ask that when you leave your boat, you collapse the structures and/or take down your umbrellas. It has happened quite often that a breeze will come in and upend a canopy, an umbrella or a tent and then cause damage to someone’s boat as well as the umbrella itself. Even if you are taking your boat out for just an hour, please fold down your umbrella!

YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION: Please be sure that we always have your current email address on file. Almost 100% of our correspondence is strictly email, including the informative monthly newsletter, so you don’t want to miss out.

THE POOL: Use of the pool is included in your slip rate and is at your own risk. You must have a GCM Pool Pass in order to use the pool, and they are available in the marina office for a deposit of $2 each. We do not allow children under the age of 15 to be at the pool without adult supervision. Although we welcome you to invite your friends and family to enjoy the pool with you when you are here, we do not allow guests use of the property when you are not here to accompany them. Most importantly, we do not allow glass of any kind at the pool due to breakage concerns. If you see someone with a glass bottle, please remind them of this very basic safety measure.

THE BATHROOM BUILDING: The main bath house is at the front of the marina and offers 4 showers and stalls in both the men’s and ladies rooms. It is air-conditioned in the summer and heated in the fall for your comfort. Because we have a pump system to hook into town sewer lines, we do ask that you only use the toilet paper we provide and do not use so-called “flushable” wipes that clog our system. We also have dedicated disposal containers for sanitary items in the ladies room. In the summer, we also have a temporary facility next to the pool with a head and sink.

PUMP OUT: We have pump out service throughout the marina; either at your slip for $15 or at the fuel dock for $5. If you are one of our year-round customers and meet the requirements of the “Preferred Plan”, pump outs are at no charge for the season. If you would like to have pump out service performed at your slip, simply call the office and schedule one by Thursday of each week for a pump out on Friday. You do not have to be present for this service.

PORT-A-POTTIE: We have a port-a-pottie cleaning station to the right of the bathroom building at the top of the hill for your use.

BOAT INSURANCE: Green Cove Marina requires that you maintain a minimum of $50,000 liability insurance on your vessel. Kindly notify your insurance agent that we need a Certificate of Insurance listing Green Cove as a “certificate holder”. Your agent will know exactly what you need and can fax it to us at 732-840-1074 or email to We appreciate your cooperation.

PET PRIVILEGES: We are a pet-friendly marina and welcome your dogs to come visit when you do. You will find several clean-up stations throughout the marina stocked with bags for your convenience. We do ask that you keep your dog leashed at all times; not everyone thinks a 90 lb. Rottweiler is adorable! Pets are never allowed in the picnic area, the bathrooms or the pool and we thank you for cooperating with this policy.

PICNIC AREA: The lovely landscaped picnic area next to the pool and across from F-dock is for everyone’s enjoyment. Please feel free to use the facility as often as you’d like along with the charcoal grill we have provided. We have a bocce ball set as well as horseshoes in the office for you to borrow as you like, but we do ask that you keep your children from climbing on the rocks and riprap in this area.

FACEBOOK: We try and keep our Facebook page up-to-date with listings of events in the marina and news throughout the boating industry. We post announcements and articles that you won’t find in newsletters or emails, so please “Like” on us on our page at and you will always be in the know.

LOCKING SECURITY GATE: The gate to the entrance of the marina is on the same schedule with the office and is therefore only open Tuesday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You may pick up gate cards in the office that will grant you 24 hour access; we supply one card and additional ones can be purchased for $15 each, but we do limit the number anyone can purchase. Please do not buy cards for friends as they should only be here when you are, and it’s not fair to assume we all like your friends as much as you do when you’re not here!

OUTSIDE MECHANICS/CONTRACTORS: Obviously, we hope you will use your new marina for all your repair and maintenance needs, but if for some reason you prefer to hire your own contractors, they must stop in the office and furnish us with proof of insurance with the same limits we carry, or we cannot allow them on the property.

WiFi: Wireless internet is available throughout the marina for $20 for one code or $35 for two. Each wireless code will work on only one device, and can be purchased in the office during regular business hours.

SECURITY CAMERAS/CCTV: We do have cameras placed throughout the marina to bolster our security measures. Our system is wired to a central monitoring station with playback capability.

SPARE KEYS: It’s a good idea to leave us a spare set of keys to your boat; we keep them secure in our parts room under Chuck’s watchful eye. Could be useful if you make the trip all the way here and realize you forgot the keys, but also could be very helpful for us in case of an emergency with your boat.

JET SKIS AND PERSONAL WATERCRAFT: We offer two options for storing your PWC; there are a limited number of in-water jetports available at the end of B-dock for $800 per season or you may purchase a trailer tag for $250 and keep the PWC on a trailer at the designated area behind the pool. Jet Skis and/or jet boats, trailers, etc. may not be left behind your slip at any time. If you do not have an assigned space for your PWC then you may use the ramp at no charge and then the trailer must fit next to the fence along the roadway: this is the only space designated for daily use of PWCs where the trailer won’t run the risk of being towed to the locked area at the back of the marina. Day use and parking for PWCs is first-come, first-serve and cannot be reserved.

SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING: We work hard to make sure everything from the docks to the tetherball is in good condition and safe working order. If you see anything throughout the marina that needs attention from a loose board to a loose dog, please help us out by letting us know. We appreciate anyone that takes the time to let us know about any problem, and nothing is too unimportant to tell us!

WHEN YOU LEAVE YOUR BOAT: Please, please!! Do not leave bags of trash at your slip. Please, please!! Do not leave carpeting on your catwalk or the boardwalk in front of your boat. Please, please!! Be sure to take down your shade structure or umbrellas and secure everything tightly as though a big wind storm is coming through.